A culinary dance of flames and quality ingredients


Teppanyaki restaurant in the heart of Singapore

Shima Restaurant at Goodwood Park Hotel is a luxurious Japanese restaurant that offers an authentic dining experience in the heart of Singapore. Being Singapore’s very first teppanyaki restaurant, Shima has been proudly serving our customers since 1980, serving traditional Japanese cuisine with a modern twist, using only the freshest ingredients from Japan to curate a gastronomic menu.  

With a focus on teppanyaki, our menu also offers a wide range of options for every taste preference. In addition to exceptional food, we also offer an extensive selection of fine wines, sake, and beers to complement your meal. 

Every meal should be a celebration - let our skilled teppanyaki chefs leave you and your dining party with an unforgettable dining experience!

Menu Highlights

Premium & seasonal ingredients flown in fresh

Shima’s premium Teppanyaki course offers an unforgettable culinary experience with a carefully curated selection of dishes. The key highlights of Shima's premium Teppanyaki-Kaiseki course is the Teppanyaki grill where chefs showcase their skills by cooking premium ingredients like Japanese A5 Waygu beef, abalone, and lobster to perfection. Assorted vegetables accompany the grilled dishes and add a balance of flavours and textures.